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8 traits of successful people by Richard St. John

An inspiration for entrepreneurs. :)

An inspiration for entrepreneurs. :)

Just like a speaking coach will tell you not to fill empty space with “um,” you should avoid framing your answer as a rehearsed pitch by starting with “so.” Next time you’re asked, “What do you do?” try dropping the “so.” You’ll appear much more confident.

- How A Popular Two-Letter Word Is Undermining Your Credibility (via fastcompany)

If you’re not the worst musician in in your band, you should immediately switch bands.

- Anonymous

Thesis Finished

Today I have finished my thesis. Woohoo!!!

Well, I have to say that it’s not that hard to do your thesis. Well, maybe because I got an easy topic so I didn’t get a lot of trouble to do it.

I took a topic in database, which is a topic for computer science major. My research is about comparison of vertical and horizontal scaling. I measure their performance and analyze which has a better performance. In this research I use PostgreSQL as the DBMS. Well, I’m very grateful that I didn’t take the IS topic because I have to do an interview and write thicker report if I take the IS topic. My friend Gaby wrote almost 500 pages of report and lely wrote about 350 pages of report. I think that is scary for my printer, budget, and for the environment. :p

If you want know how thick are their, just compare it with my 77 pages thesis report:

So, now I still waiting for the presentation. The secretariat will inform me about the date of the presentation. Wish me luck. :)


Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand | Dominic Kamp

I think New Zealand is a good place to go too. :’)


Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand | Dominic Kamp

I think New Zealand is a good place to go too. :’)

Thesis, Finally.


I’m feeling old now. Lol. Finally I will do my thesis writing. Time flies so fast. Actually, Fasilkom let me graduate just by taking some course and get 144 credits, but I choose the hard way (don’t ask me why). :’)

This afternoon I met Mrs Ika to consult the topic of my thesis. She offer me a topic about NoSQL. Wow, what kind of food is that? Well, it is a new kind of paradigm about database. Some people think that typical relational database cannot meet their needs for big data. It is not scalable and have bad performance in some cases.

So, I accept her offer and I will do research about NoSQL. Yeeaay!

She told me to explore this new technology before go deeper to the research. I have to choose which database that I will use in my research since NoSQL has many option, like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, CouchDB, etc. Ok, it’s a little bit geek here, let’s forget it. :p

From now, I have to decide what is become my focus in this thesis. I think Mrs Ika want to prove the advantage of using NoSQL compared with the relational database. Well, I think I can focus on performace or scalability. Which one will I choose? I don’t know. I have to do my research first. ;)

So, this is the beginning of my journey. I hope I can finish it on time and graduate next july. Wish me luck! :D

Start Small to Create a Better App

I’ve just read an article about it and couldn’t resist to post it. You can read the full article here.

We often think too big when we want to create an application or a web or a product. We are dreaming about many cool features and possibilities of our application. And we keep dreaming without action. Sometime we give up before even try. Why? Because we don’t know how to create that BIG application.

It is better for us to start small when we build our project. We can narrow down our market. When we just focus on a specific market, we have a higher opportunity to satisfy their needs. When we ready to create more features, we just add it and expand the ability of our product. The simplest example is Facebook and Mark. Mark focus on a Harvard Campus when he creates Facebook. After he realize that Facebook is a next big thing, he start to perfected it and launch it for larger market. With specific market, we can verify that our idea is needed by our customer.

We can also get a personal feedback from our first customers in specific market. If we make a mistake in our product, we can still fix it before we launch it to larger market. It can reduce the amount of bad review or complaint.

The conclusion is don’t thinking too BIG when we design our product. Keep it simple and realistic. From a small app, we can add feature and value to that product, so our customer will be growing time by time.

Surround Yourself with Great People

That sounds arrogant, but it’s true. You have to surround yourself with best people you can find around you. I didn’t say that you cannot be friend with everyone, but with whom you spend your time everyday will decide what you will become in the future.

From many sources that I read, being friend with passionate and positive people is good for us because they can motivate us to perform as good or better than them. We will have their spirit and have a high standard like them. We can also learn from their experience or success story. It really worth to surround yourself with many person better than you.

If you think you have become a great person, you can try to make people around you to become better. It feels good when you can be useful for people around you and help them reach their success. Maybe you won’t get any credit or money, but I believe God will give something good to you. :)

Well, that’s just my random opinion. I make this post just to practice my english. :p

So the conclusion is you will be just as good as your friends, so choose the right one. :)


#leadership #bigshoes #quotes #people #motivation

That’s why I try to set a high standard for myself. :)


#leadership #bigshoes #quotes #people #motivation

That’s why I try to set a high standard for myself. :)